Our alliance agreements encourage “win-win” client/contractor team interfacing, which continually produces “world-class” results on a myraid of projects at many industrial facilities around the country.

Innovative contractual formats are commonplace with Nitro. In fact, incentive contracts focusing on key result areas are preferred.

Performance-Based Contracts create concise focus on areas such as:

• Safety
• Quality
• Productivity
• Schedule Adherence
• Budget Control
• Client Goal Achievement
• Management Responsiveness
• Incentives/Savings Sharing
• Guaranteed Performance
• Continuous Cost
• Craft Participation

Nitro has successfully executed projects through your standard contractural arrangements to include:

• Turn-Key
• Lump Sum / Firm Price
• Cost Plus
• Time and Materials
• Unit Price
• Performance Based Contracting
• Strategic Alliances
• Joint Ventures
• Fixed Fee / Fee At Risk