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Providing ideal, highly-integrated fabrication solutions

Nitro Construction Services is the paramount company of design, construct, and flexible services for the industrial markets with the utmost and unique capabilities to manage all types of projects. Nitro uses the most current technologies in order to provide our clients with value propositions, solutions and most cost-effective services while maintaining the highest quality standards. Nitro embraces its core values and is confident that we can prepare and adapt to the ever-changing industry by meeting all challenges by employing the industries most qualified people.


  • Pipe fabrication
  • Custom skid design and fabrication
  • ASME coded pressure vessels
  • Modular fabrication
  • Valve sets, launchers & receivers
  • Separators
  • Hydrotesting
  • Walkways
  • Sand blasting
  • Coating and painting
  • Material handling, shipping and trucking
  • High pressure testing
  • Pipe sizes up to 60”
  • Multiple shift capabilities


  • 24,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art pipe fabrication shop
  • 3,500 sq.ft. paint shop
  • 3,000 sq.ft. blast shop
  • Computerized cutting machines
  • 2 – 10 Ton overhead cranes
  • 3 – 24’ garage bays
  • 10,000 sq.ft. welding bay
  • Utilizing oxyacelylene & plasma cutting techniques
  • 2,000’ capacity per day
  • Sheet metal fabrication shop (light gauge duct, structure steel plate)
  • Transport trolleys for maximum productivity
  • 3.5 acres of lay down area
  • Precision beveling machine
  • Pipe sizes up to 48”


  • Shutdowns and Retrofits
  • Site Utilities
  • Start-up and Commissioning
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • [R] [S] [U] – ASME/NBIC certified